How to Become a Diagnostic Medical Sonogram Technician

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How to Become a Diagnostic Medical Sonogram Technician

Are you interested in joining a hospital staff but don’t have the time or money to invest in a degree? Then get started with a well-paying job as a diagnostic medical sonogram technician! The technician not only works with advanced machinery but also works closely with patients and doctors and nurses.

First and foremost, education is required. For starters, a high school diploma as well as an Associate’s Degree is a good stepping stone. A postsecondary certificate may also suffice. Understand that before you can be hired professionally, you may need to show a professional certification. In the United States, the CAAHEP/JRC-DMS accredited programs are considered the standard. In addition, workers can choose a specialty whether in cardiac care, obstetrical care, general or vascular. Important organizations to take note of include the Cardiovascular Credentialing International and the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography, though accreditation comes from the International Organization for Standardization and the American National Standards Institute. Some states are now requiring licensure of sonographers before they can be hired.

A diagnostic medical sonogram technician can start his or her career by pursuing a sonography college course. There are certificate programs starting at one year, though some hospitals and clinics will be more comfortable with a degree for a longer period of time, accredited institution and specific area of study. In school, you will learn specialization including preparation procedures, working the machine, as well as how to perform the sonogram according to your specialty.

The diagnostic medical sonogram technician might eventually graduate with a degree in radiologic technology or nursing and proceed even higher in ranking, especially after undergoing training from the hospital or clinic. If you are still in high school then start your education early by pursuing basics such as anatomy, physiology, and mathematics.

The only question left to consider is how does one receive certification? Certification must be from an accredited school, meaning an organization that has criteria for passing and an exam. Of course, you must understand that training never finishes; all medical personnel must stay up to date with continuing education, new medical technology and new rules of practice which can change on a regular basis.

If you are good with details and want to work in an exciting career where you are constantly challenged and make excellent money then consider the option of becoming a diagnostic medical sonogram technician. You can start learning from an online course!

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