What Can You Expect from a Job as a Sonogram Technician?

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What Can You Expect from a Job as a Sonogram Technician?

A sonogram technician works with ultrasound equipment and helps prepare patients for this important procedure, which could be diagnostic or even used for treatment. Because of safety issues, some medical education is required before one can begin work at a hospital or clinic.

First and foremost, a technician must learn how to operate this complex machinery. Not only that, but the person must also learn how to explain what is happening to the patient, as well as ensure that the machine is working properly and that the device is receiving enough sound wave information. If anything is abnormal, then the entire procedure is compromised and no charts can be analyzed.

There were estimated to be over 53,000 sonogram technician workers in the year 2010 and over 60% of these men and women worked in hospitals. The other 39% worked in clinics, doctor’s offices and laboratories. It’s important to understand that this is an intense 40+ hour a week job and one that may encompass working in dimly lit rooms as well as getting close to patients for device preparation and application. A certain degree of physical fitness is also required, as sonographers must be on their feet for long periods at a time and may be called upon to help move, turn or lift disabled patients.

A sonogram technician is a fulltime worker and may be called upon to work nights, weekends or even overnight because of an emergency or overflow situation. The good news is that the salary is always promising. While you may read more reports stating that workers receive $40,000 to $50,000 per year, there are some experienced and educated sonographers that have earned up to $64,000 and a top ten percentile that earn over $88,000 per year. The median average is $64,440.

The first step is to apply yourself and find an education in medical training, with particular emphasis on learning sonograph equipment and procedures. From there, you can specialize in a particular area of the body or more than one. There are no rules against specializing in more than one area. However, understand that there is a huge amount of knowledge to learn in just one area, so that’s why sonographers generally stick to one area of practice.

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